Even though Marcey Hawk uses her naturally bodacious twins to create abstract art, there’s nothing abstract about how she paints (See video below). She takes her top off, dips her 30Ds in paint, and smears her girls across the canvas.

The “boobie painter,” as she is called, has developed unique styles that she uses to create her boobstertpieces, just like Da Vinci used a style to make his brushstrokes unseen. The breast print, the nipple print, the “just the tip,” the “swish and swirl”, and the titty twerk are in Marcey’s arsenal of breaststrokes.

If you’re curious about her intimate and erotic paintings, or you just want to see a chick paint with her boobs, subscribe to her YouTube channel. You can even purchase some abstract titty art if that tickles your fancy. Russel Brand and Hugh Hefner already have her work, so get in line. Know more.