“Walk, walk, fashion baby/in a straight line/sir, have you been drinking?”

That bastardization of Bad Romance pretty much sums up Robert Burt. Aside from the unfortunate resemblance to serial killer Jeffery Dahmer, Mr. Burt seems like a chill dude to have a beer with. Or, you know, watch him drive around while intoxicated.

When he was arrested for drunk driving, Mr. Burt took a booking photo. Unlike other photos of dumb criminals, where there are facial tattoos and other nonsense, Mr. Burt straight up owned his style.

The orange tee he’s wearing in the above photo is his mug shot from a previous booking. You can make out some text under it:

“Burt Family Reunion 8/8-8/10/2014, sponsored by Bud Light and Somerset County Sheriff.”

Now you know, Maine allows Bud Light to sponsor family reunions, facilitated in a correctional facility.

It gets better. Since we live in an age of digital communication, Mr. Burt regularly updated his Facebook to keep his friends and family informed of his well-being. The cops apparently “Laughed their asses off” at the tee, and, upon his release:

“I’m out bitches.”

Robert Burt: Dumb criminal, winner of the Jeffery Dahmer look-a-like contest, and fashion genius. Know more.