Grandma’s still got it! This one goes out to all you people who live in denial that humans over 60 still copulate. Well, sorry to ruin your day with uninvited images, but, they do, and with as much fervor as drunk frat boys on spring break.

A 68-year-old married grandmother of 14 is facing 6 months in jail after being caught – literally ‘pants-down’ – fornicating against the local Bait Shack with her younger lover. The grandmother in question – Peggy Klemm – resides in a Florida retirement community of 100,000 that is apparently well-known in the area for being friendly by day and wild by night.

Put aside your censored, G-rated vision of crotchety old folk playing Bingo and eating pureed carrots while swaddled in blankets and sweaters. This story has public sex, indecent exposure, infidelity, drunken soirees, and police action – all the elements of your classic college rager. Come post-retirement, maybe there’s something to look forward to after all. Know more.