Hypocritical cop meme.

On a Jetstar en route from the Gold Coast of Australia to Sydney, a flight attendant made a lot of high-flying passengers very happy. No, she or he (the reports did not specify the gender or name) did not join the Mile High Club with passengers, rather she/he warned them that drug sniffing dogs and quarantine officers were patrolling the domestic terminal. The announcement was due to the fact that most of the 210 passengers were returning home from the Splendour in the Grass music festival in Byron Bay. I don’t know if you’ve ever been to a music festival, but most festival goers bring an array of intoxicants, primarily marijuana, MDMA, cocaine, or shrooms.

A few passengers, who were interviewed after the flight landed, said that nobody overzealously headed for the bathroom to flush their substances. The warning did, however, prompt people to head for the toilets, clutching hidden objects, some might say drugs or related paraphernalia, in their hands.

The airline was obviously not pleased with the way the flight attendant encouraged drug flushing. Jetstar did say that it does alert passengers of quarantine officers regularly, but never overtly tells them to dispose of their drugs.

Some people had mixed feelings on the announcement, while others were extremely grateful. Some even thought the flight attendant deserved a raise. The Australian federal police had nothing to say. Know more.