A would-be robber solicited for road-way workers on Craigslist to wait in front of a bank for him until he could take them to the job site. When the workers arrived, they were all wearing clothes he specifically called for; and in the long wait in front of the bank, the robber wearing the same exact outfit hopped into an armored money truck, and took off with a bag of cash. And he also pepper-sprayed the armored guard!

When police searched for the robber, they happened upon FIVE men dressed in the exact same uniform. Needless to say, the thief is still on the run.

Sounds more like a movie script than an actual news story. Lesson learned. Craigslist still reigns as the unknown blackhole of the internet. Pick up instruments, clothes, prostitutes, murderers, and accomplices – all in one little site that is still safe to visit from your local public library. Know more.