Do you like playing Resident Evil? Half-Life? The Last of Us? Have you ever wanted to destroy some zombies in real life with your bare hands? Well now you can! In the UK a new event called “2.8 Hours” by a company called Slingshot groups friends into teams to scour actual cities, solve puzzles and avoid getting killed by zombies that are hunting them down in broad daylight. Think haunted house + scavenger hunt + exercise.

And who doesn’t like getting outside for some pulse-racing fun? I mean, when you’re not on your couch button mashing walls of zombies into the after-after life. Critics are already saying the story line is pretty immersive; you’re not just getting the demo disk here. But the amount of fun you have may depend heavily on your teammates’ fitness (so bring some Japanese guys) since the challenges are heavily based on cooperation and require long amounts of running.  There’s even an after party for the survivors, but be warned, the most embarrassing thing in the world would be to get so shitfaced that your ass becomes the zombie on the long walk home. Know more.