You may be wondering what a Wottie actually is. Well, until recently, I had no clue either. When a West Highland Terrier mates with a Rottweiler, surprisingly adorable Wotties are the result. Now I know what you all are wondering: who did the deed? You wouldn’t think he had it in him, and neither did the owners, but the terrier harnessed some gusto to pull off the feat of mounting and impregnating the more-than-double-his-size Rottweiler.

While the Wottie is an uncommon crossbreed, it isn’t uncommon for odd dog couples to make cute offspring. The Kennel club, which registers around 250,000 puppies across 212 breeds, said that it had never encountered a Wottie. I’ve been to my fair share of humane societies and dog pounds and, while never coming across a Wottie, discovered most Dachshund mixes to be cuter than Charlie’s brother (of“Charlie bit me” fame). Some of the more common cross breeds are Poodle or Pug mixes. If you have never seen the melting eyes and floppy ears of a Puggle, do yourself a favor and watch I Love You, Man. Strangely enough, these dogs commonly look like Anwar Sadat.

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After Zara, the Rottweiler, gave birth to her litter, she became disinterested in the puppies. The owner claimed that Zara refused to nurture her pups and wanted nothing to do with the terrier either. It was as if the terrier had disgraced the strong, brutish Rottweiler name. When asked, Zara couldn’t put her thoughts into words about her pups. Her terrible parenting led to the deaths of four of her puppies and although the owners didn’t call social services, they successfully adopted the Wotties out for a better life. Know more.