In what would’ve a terrible turn of events in the history of technology, the uber popular iMac almost took on the name “MacMan”, which was at first loved by the company’s leaders and originally pitched by Apple’s marketing boss Phil Schiller. Ken Segall, creator of the infamous “Think Different” campaign, was tasked with getting Apple and co. to change its mind, and it wasn’t easy.

Segall had an uphill climb from the start. The battle started with a presentation of a variety of better but not perfect names, including “MiniMac”, but he saved his favorite, “iMac”, as the last name in his presentation in the hopes that everyone would see the light after considering so many other possibilities; however, Apple CEO Steve Jobs was always a stubborn man.

Jobs was convinced before Segall even started his presentation. “I hate them all. ‘MacMan’ is better.”

After a second presentation of a fresh batch of names, Segall brought up the name again. Though Jobs didn’t show so much disdain for it this time, he admitted the name actually grew on him. But the CEO was still not convinced that “iMac” is the right name for his new product.

As stubborn as Jobs is, something that made him fantastic businessman and innovator is that he was never too close minded. He’s always willing to test his opinion against alternative ideas. The next day, Jobs polled his employees to get their opinions on the name, and he even had the name printed on a computer to see it in action.

Well, a small decision can have a big impact on the World. Since the naming of the iMac, the product was the first step in Apple’s recovery from the beating Windows gave it for years and years – a beating so bad Jobs temporarily left Apple to grow Pixar from a startup animation studio into a global powerhouse of filmmaking. Upon returning, he introduced the iMac to the World and, later, the iPod, iPhone, iPad, iMessage, i… Know more.