A dude went to the doctor for stomach pain only to find out he’s actually a woman. For real though – real tough break here for Mr/Mrs. Chen. I mean one day you wake up thinking your dying from blood in your urine, the next thing you learn, you’re actually having your period. Tampons, pads, etc. – Mr/Mrs Chen is about to embark on one hell of a journey discovering what it takes to be a woman.

After 44 years of thinking he has a small dick, or he just isn’t as muscular as the other boys, life’s curveballs gather together and give him a second chance as a woman. The question is, does he take it? Does he drop everything he/she was doing and go full out woman now? What other choice is there? And his wife. What is she supposed to do? I guess this is one of those times that maybe the doctors should have kept their mouth shut. But as we all know China don’t play no games. You’re a woman now! Like it or not Mr./Mrs. Chen. Know more.