Once hailed as the undisputed champion of the WWE, burly Bryan Danielson, who “wrestled” under the alias of Daniel Bryan (real original stage name), submitted a burglar in a rear naked choke after returning from a day at Comic-Con. Upon returning to his Phoenix, AZ abode, Danielson and his wife, Brie Bella, discovered that the burglars were inside and the front door was open. Danielson felt compelled to attack the intruders, but where was his beloved WWE top corner to leap off and execute a back-flip drop-kick when he needed it? Danielson made due without it.

Although he did not don his leather underwear and knee-high, lace-up boots, Danielson chased down and subdued the suspect. He said he put the burglar in a rear naked choke so as not to hurt him. I’m surprised Danielson didn’t choose one of the more classic WWE maneuvers like the chest slap, choke slam, or my personal favorite, the tombstone. Perhaps the Undertaker copyrighted that slam. Sadly, no referee was there to count to three for Danielson’s successful pin. Know more.