Normally, the thought of getting wisdom teeth pulled at the dentist’s office wouldn’t turn anyone into a raging sex fiend. But a couple of deep gulps of the “wacky gas” ( aka anesthesia) became the ultimate truth serum for one girl and, yes, it was all caught on video.

The dazed and confused girl professed her undying lust for actor Ryan Gosling declaring, “I wanna have sex with Ryan Gosling!” She made it even more clear that the only kind of dick fit to satisfy her fuck cravings was “white dick”. Somehow, the Kardashians made it into this girl’s doped up fantasies as well. She said that she wanted to be a Kardashian. Let’s keep it real though. If she really wanted to be part of the Kardashian clan, wouldn’t she be demanding black dick instead? Just saying. Know more.