Bird just unveiled a Cruiser esqe electric bike to be introduced this Summer. Based in Santa Monica, Bird has been notorious for their innovative scooter sharing services for quite some time. The expansion will be available in select markets before foregoing branching to wider audiences.

The two wheeler will be sporting a chunky 20-inch wheeler accompanied by a 52 volt battery. The newly released photos circulating portrays the bike with a moped-like exterior, full suspension, and a comfortable seat cushion. Bird designed and engineered the bike with the influence and direction similar to a Beach Cruiser.


The growth and demand for these on the go products have skyrocketed within the past couple years but do present a problem as well. Many believe these products pose an issue with sidewalk congestion and accidents that turn sometimes fatal. The app driven service is designed to be “approachable, easy-to-ride, and comfortable on rough roads” says CEO and founder of Bird, Travis VanderZanden.

The bike is highly anticipated and will be a two seater two wheeler cruising through the market.