Now you have a private photographer in your pocket everywhere you go with Pivo. Pivo is an interactive smart pod which empowers smartphone photographers and videographers to create truly dynamic and engaging content by creating unique videos, images, and animated GIFs in an easy and affordable way. The mission behind Pivo is to provide users a unique way of interacting with their phones while using its full potential while giving users the ability to replicate professional style content by just using their smartphones.

Combining the Pivo app with the smart pod to your phone the user not only unleashes the ability to take pictures, videos, and GIFs but has twelve new ways of creating content using its capturing modes. These capture modes help the users to improve the quality of their content, what can the user do with the modes? These modes include Auto tracking modes, Panorama, 50/50, TinyPlanet and many more which helps to create unique pictures, videos, and GIFs.

Pivo also comes with an alternate rotating head which allows any smartphone to not only rotate but also tilt angles to capture your best sides. The Pivo can also be controlled by wireless remote so you can take over when you need to. For serious flexibility, the team behind Pivo have developed their mobile app to be open source so users can decide how they want Pivo to work for them. If you would like to get a Pivo for yourself, you can back it up on Indiegogo for $99.