Sobro side table is a revolutionary new generation of smart furniture which has evolved to fit the needs of the twenty-first-century man. The innovative side table has been created by Store Bound, the product innovation company. Most side tables don’t do much but the Sobro side table aims to make life easier. The Sobro smart table does not use the term “Smart” just because of the trend of smart gadgets but uses the term because of the blend of functional technology and contemporary furniture.

 The Sobro smart side table is packed with a variety of features equipped to make users more comfortable. The Sobro side table has everything you ever want in a side table complete with a whisper quiet and ultra- functional cooler drawer, cable management system, smart color LED lighting to set the ambiance, a built-in wireless charger that can charge up to two phones at a time, intelligent lighting and Bluetooth speakers.  The Sobro also has a feature of playing calming sounds and white noise for a well-rested sleep, which can be controlled through the company’s app.

Sobro smart side table is a solid furniture piece that tackles on important problems we commonly face like getting a drink at night, charging your devices, and listening to music. If one can get all of their solutions from a single product that blends into one’s room, the side table would make the be room a relaxing environment to work or hang out in. Sobro will be available in four different finishes: white, white & wood, Black and Black & wood. If you want to get your hands on one of these tables, you can support by backing it up for $899 on Indiegogo.