The next generation of wearable technology

Smart wearables have become stable for most of us especially as smart watches have become a trend these days since they are useful and a huge fan favorite in the tech community.  But for one to stay ahead of the game, one needs the latest and most impressive gadget in order to flex. Fortunately, the folks behind the Kickstarter project, the Xenoxo S-Ring, are stepping up to the game and replacing bulky wristbands and watches with a smart and slim ring with the same functionality.


The Xenoxo S-Ring boasts a total of 12 different features, including the ability to answer calls via Bluetooth, built-in microphone and earpiece, Google Assistant and Siri connectivity (IOS and Android compatible),4GB of file storage, alarm clock, NFC payments, pedometer, SOS alerts, Bluetooth key, and more. The device itself packs its own microprocessor and multiple sensors which can be controlled using a variety of gestures.


The Founders initial idea was to develop a discrete emergency SOS device. The initial plan was to have a panic button built in the shoe however the original idea was later dropped since not everyone would be in favor of wearing the same exact shoe style. After some thinking, the design team at Xenoxo came up with the concept of an SOS feature in a ring, since most women and men wear rings and rings are even more deceptive. In the case of a potential attacker, the attacker will never know when you call for help. This ring not only is an emergency device but also acts as a smart daily wearable gadget.