1. Vietnam
This is where you can find the cheapest beer in the world! One glass goes for a whopping $0.76 for a pint. Bia Hoi is what you’ll find most easily. While $0.76 a pint is the average price for a beer in Vietnam but, it won’t be uncommon to find a 12oz glass of this 3% ABV pale lager for as little as $0.20 cents a glass.

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2. Cambodia
This is the second cheapest place on our list. A pint can go for an average price of $0.88. A cold one can be found for as little $0.50 a glass The leading brewers here are Angkor, Anchor Beer, Tiger, or Khmer Brewery Cambodia. A national beer of Cambodia and a staple in its vibrant culture.

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3. Ukraine
The third country on our list still boasts a great deal for beer at an average price of $0.89 a pint. Ukrainian suds are known to be cheap, with a $0.58 a pint not being unheard of. On top of its affordable price, more and more beer enthusiasts are praising the Ukrainian brewers for their quality — similar to Czech-style beers. You’ll likely take down major national brews like Lvivske, Chernigivske, and Obolon.