The next time you walk through airport TSA security, you might want to think twice about just what you happen to be touching, as there’s something else also passing through security with you. Recent evidence from a report by BMC Infectious Diseases show that the plastic trays are a common asylum for harboring respiratory viruses.

Airport 2

Using samples taken from the Helsinki Airport where Virologists scanned a total of 90 surfaces for viruses. As only eight of the samples were from the security trays, half of those samples revealed proof of at least one respiratory virus such as Coronavirus or Influenza A. Among the samples taken from the restroom toilets, none of them showed traces of any viruses whatsoever.


As most of the viruses were located in the security trays, Helsinki Study also revealed respiratory viruses on stairway handrails, and on the glass of the passport control desk. Previous studies have shown that respiratory viruses have the ability to survive on some surfaces from several hours to even days. So what’s the best thing to do? carrying hand sanitizer, habitually washing your hands with soap and water, and just being plain mindful of what you touch the next time you catch a flight.