Many struggle to find enjoyable activities that allow them to burn calories and lose weight. With this new workout, no excuses can be made. You can bang your head against a wall just about anywhere. Whether at work, in class, or even just out with friends, when the urge to exercise arises, just find a wall! It may not be the new, hot trend just yet, but doing so will definitely be sure to catch the eye of those passing by.

Head Bang 2

We definitely advise those who partake in this intense activity to prepare for rather damaging results. While calorie burning is expected, so are tons of other potential issues.

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It’s safe to assume that a period of healing will be required after each workout. We recommend some of these products below to help throughout that process. Unless your head is made of steal, it could just be more economical to purchase a gym membership with the need to buy such products after each session.