This New York restaurant creates an entirely new menu every day, but not for the reasons you may think. Joe Scaravella, the owner of Enoteca Maria, created the concept of the ever-changing menu when his mother passed. After losing the most important maternal figure in his life, he longed for the sense of comfort and safety he felt as a child; a feeling one gets from a home cooked meal by their grandmother. With this newfound inspiration, he decided to apply it to his restaurant, enlisting grandmothers from all corners of New York to create unique dishes as part of Enoteca Maria’s adaptive menu.

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Initially, he would only hire Nonna’s (Italian for Grandma) to serve authentic dishes to customers. Notoriously competitive about their cooking, it was only a matter of time until jealousy ran rampant amongst the Nonna’s, particularly when a system was introduced entailing the ranking of each dish. This problem was alleviated when Scaravella imported grandmothers from a plethora of countries and cultures, successfully diluting the cut-throat Nonna culture that had begun to escalate. Now offering a wide array of cultural cuisine’s, food enthusiasts can sign up for one-on-one classes to learn how to cook a dish from a different region of the world for free! Be sure to sign up well in advance though, as these classes are booked several months ahead of time.

Unknownlist, Nonnas, Grandma

The grandmas convene once a month in order to curate the restaurant’s daily menu. It’s no surprise why this restaurant is completely booked, considering the hoards of salivating patrons willing to be waitlisted just for a chance to get an authentic meal from a grandmother. Scaravella was so enthralled with the concept that he decided to share it with the world, creating a crowdsourced recipe book that allows anyone to share a family recipe- in addition to a hilarious anecdote about their Nonna.