Can you remember the last time you used a strainer? I’m guessing you probably used it for some kind of cooking activity, right? Sean Corbett of Chandler, Arizona has managed to discover a new use for one. He visited many motor vehicle locations throughout Arizona, resulting in multiple failed attempts before he finally found a location that would allow him to wear a strainer on his head for his driver’s license photo.


Corbett considers the photo a symbolic victory for a satirical religion he calls Pastafarianism. He claims this religion was created 5,000 years ago by flying spaghetti monsters. Yes, you read correctly- flying spaghetti monsters. It does sound a little crazy, but take comfort in knowing that it’s designed to be. More importantly, Corbett says that it’s intended to promote religious freedom as well.


As headgear in drivers license photos is usually prohibited in most states, there are sometimes exceptions made due to religious matters. An Arizona official with the Department of Transportation claims that both Sean’s photo and driver’s license will be voided. Corbett is prepared to take further legal action. As silly as the whole scenario may seem, we can, at the very least, acknowledge it as a reminder of good nature and not to take ourselves too seriously from time to time.