Are you the type of person who spends tons of time working on your hair each morning? Have you ever wondered what your great-grandparents did to their hair when they felt like changing it up? It used to take about 10 hours to have a finished set of curls that would last more than a few hours. Electricity changed the way people did almost everything, including the concept of hairdressing. In 1906 London hairdresser Karl Nessler, known as Charles Nestlé, invented the permanent wave machine.

10HourPerm Pic2

To get a good grasp of his invention, imagine a machine the size of a modern-day fridge hovering over you for 10+ hours. The machine took 20 minutes to get enough usable heat in order to start the perming process. While this technology might sound extreme, it was top of the line for the 20th-century and made the perm extremely popular.

10HourPerm Pic3

To help understand how new this concept was, it was only one year later that Parisian chemistry student Eugène Schueller founded the company L’Oréal. It was there he created a permanent dye that could cover gray hair with natural-looking colors, continuing to change the view of beauty for the world. So the next time you feel like your hair is taking forever to finish, be thankful you don’t ever have to wait over 10 hours to get a perm.