It’s time for a new generation of pencils, a sustainable kind. Typical pencils give no use to the stubby ends, but now there is a company revolutionizing the way we trash wooden pencils. Sprout has given consumers the ability to plant and create a garden from the unusable pencils that are on their last leg.

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Sprout is a green startup behind the world’s first sustainable pencil that you can plant after use. Sprout is now selling a variety of sprouting consumer goods such as colored pencils which include oregano, thyme, cilantro, and even tomatoes. This inventive idea helps make the sustainable future visible to more people around the world.

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With over 12 plants to choose from, this company make sustainability simple and fun! All of the materials used in the writing tools are biodegradable. Not only are the pencils customizable, but the packaging is as well. It is sure to make a great conversation starter at any event.