Oils, acrylics, clay, vomit? When you think of art and the multitude of mediums they’re made with, vomit doesn’t usually come to mind at first thought. But for London performance artist Millie Brown, the latter would be the case. Millie’s performance art consists of an arrangement of dyed soymilk, which she consumes and then regurgitates onto a blank canvas at various intervals.

Unknownlist, Vomit art, Millie Brown,

Photo by Leon Perry

Millie assumes a vegan lifestyle and claims the regurgitating act doesn’t hurt at all, as she limits her performance to only one per month. She starves herself for two days before each act. The intervals between performances are so that her body can have the sufficient time to recover properly. She prefers the spontaneity that comes with improvisation, as opposed to the predictability of having a plan for her art pieces. “I often set out with an idea of what I’d like to create, but I enjoy the uncontrollable element of my work and just go with it,” the artist says.

Unknownlist, Millie Brown, Vomit Art,

The reactions to Millie’s work have been diverse, ranging from praise, crying, and ridicule, to even death threats. This, however, doesn’t bother her, as her only concern is that it makes you feel something. “I started exploring performance art and it was an idea that came to be because I wanted to use my body to create a performance that was about the beauty from inside out. I came up with the idea of actually vomiting a rainbow using my body as a tool to create paintings.” Now, her work has been noted selling around $20K, and has often been compared to abstract expressionist painter Jackson Pollock.