Imagine a world where the government supports your writing dream. Look no further because Norway has you covered! As long as a new Norwegian book passes quality control, Arts Council Norway will purchase 1,000 copies of it to distribute to libraries across the country. Norway will also buy 1,550 copies if it’s a children’s book which is a pretty sweet deal for anyone thinking of pursuing this career.

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With a population of only a mere 5 million, it’s no question why the government treats their citizens so well. For a country that has such a small market, the cost of translating popular books is much higher and they benefit from gathering written work in their native tongue.

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This purchasing scheme keeps many small publishers alive that could not otherwise exist. Another great effect from this resolution is that the writers will make royalties from each book sold. The subsidies made from the books are better than any contractual standard. Books are also exempt from the value-added tax, which is focused around most Norwegian purchases.