Latte filled avocados, otherwise known as Avolattes, are officially being served at a unique Australian cafe in Melbourne. The innovative menu item from the Truman Cafe is a latte served inside a scooped-out avocado skin and topped off with an artistic design. This is the new drink for millennials and those who dare to try this strange combination.


It started out as a joke; Truman Cafe posted a video of their creation, showing off the latte in the hollowed-out avocado skin. “Combing two of Melbourne’s obsessions,” the caption read, adding on a crying-laughing emoji for a good measure. But it appealed to the cafe’s customers, and they actually sold a handful of the crazy creation.


Unfortunately, this craze has received backlash from people everywhere. “It’s literally coffee in a piece of rubbish,” said a barista who helped kicked off the viral excitement to an Australian News Outlet. At least it’s a step up from the Unicorn Frappuccino.