A recent trip to the doctor’s office took an unexpected turn when Katherine Peck and her children came across a children’s sex education book with some interesting imagery. Written by Babette Cole, “Mummy Laid an Egg!” explains the miracle of life in an innocent method at first, and then resorts to some rather candid illustrations.

A photo by Ben White. unsplash.com/photos/4K2lIP0zc_k

The book begins with Mummy explaining that babies can be made from gingerbread, sprouted from seeds, or squished through tubes. Next, Daddy says that sometimes you can find babies under rocks. It’s the kids who finally set the record straight. Using visuals that represent the kids’ own drawings, the book illustrates that daddies have seeds, seed pods, and a tube, which goes into mummies through a little hole. Shortly after, we see a series of illustrations which show “some of the ways mummies and daddies fit together.”


“Cue the 4 billion questions I hadn’t planned answering today,” wrote Peck. That’s one doctor’s office visit her kids will never forget. Hopefully readers of this book won’t be too upset when they learn that skateboards, space hoppers, and balloons are seldom involved. However, many will be pleased to do without the clowns.