Women all over the world may now rejoice. The days of focused sexual scrutiny towards women is now over – well, maybe not over, but finally shared with our male counterparts! May I introduce, the “i.Con,” also known as the “smart condom.” Designed to measure metrics pertaining to your man’s sexual performance such as, duration, speed, girth, and calories burned, it will even notify you if the user has chlamydia or syphilis. Suddenly, ‘good on paper’ seems outdated, and this smart condom will be the new go-to for women everywhere to decide whether or not he ‘fits the bill’.


Of course, this product could also be very appealing towards men. It tracks sexual health through variables that were never able to be monitored regularly and conveniently. The i-Con even offers the ever-popular option to share your progress with your network of ‘friends’ through social media…. AKA locker-room talk 2.0. But let’s be honest, when have men ever really been interested in tracking their sexual performance, which only implies there was something wrong to begin with. Let’s face it, if it was good for them, then they were just.. good.


So, now we have a device that not only documents our man’s sexual progress, but also stores information for us to disseminate later in revenge?! Yes, please. I know this product was created by a man of the name, Adam Leverson, but there were definitely some females involved in this project. All joking aside though, the biggest asset this too-cool-for-school contraceptive offers is an alert when an STI is present. This benefits both partners, and is a novelty no matter which way you slice it. Definitely a step up for men’s sexual health, and a huge leap forward for women’s sexual empowerment. Talk about a girl’s best friend.