Adam Lyons is a 36 year old from London who now lives in Austin, Texas. Recently Adam was dubbed the ‘luckiest man alive’ due to his unconventional living arrangements with his two girlfriends Brooke Shedd and Jane Shalakhova. Two years back, Adam and Brooke had a son together, Dante, and fast-forwarding back to the present, the self-proclaimed ‘throuple’ are now expecting again after Jane fell pregnant.  407A90D900000578-4517838-Jane_is_31_weeks_into_her_first_pregnancy_and_looking_forward_to-a-1_1495098501661

The ‘throuple’ believe they have come up with the ultimate parenting solution with their threesome of five years being the model. The trio shares everything–their house, their parenting responsibilities, their king-size bed (which they admit can get “a bit hot and sweaty with so many people in the bed”)–and assert life could not be better.

“With three people, it’s logistically so much easier to handle all those things–we share out the responsibilities and it fits our sexual preferences too,” claimed Lyons.

“So many of our friends are in ‘normal’ two-person relationships with kids, jobs and all the other typical responsibilities and I see them struggling to juggle their lives. It’s difficult with two people. But with three parents, we always have the ability for one person to look after the kids… As a result, we never begrudge each other anything because we all have lots of time.

“But we’ve been going for five years now. What we have is not a fling or a phase; we’re a real family with healthy, happy kids. Our son Oliver doesn’t even recognize what is ‘unusual’ about our family.”


“This should be the future of relationships, where people are able to enjoy love in any way they feel works. Three people and three parents makes so much sense to us.”

The throuple hope to get ‘married’ later this year and intend to have more children.