An expert at concocting intriguing and eye-catching compositions, it’s no wonder that Playboy sought out Salvador Dali’s expertise for a 1973 photoshoot. Dali, 69 at the time, traveled to Cadaqués, a Spanish seaside town, along with Playboy photographer Pompeo Posar, a giant egg, a massive snake, and a number of Playboy bunnies.


The team was met with a warm reception from the locals, and local Dali fans waited outside the painter’s home to chant “Master! Master!” as he came and went. Residents of Cadaqués even watched Dali direct the photoshoot from the hills surrounding the shoot’s location. The surrealist worked closely with Posar for the shoot, sharing sketches of his ideas with the photographer, and working together to succeed in capturing Dali’s bizarre vision.


The unusual shoot featured imagery based on Dali’s vision, including the massive egg and snake. A collage included in the collection also used a Coca Cola bottle, visuals from the Renaissance, and inspirations from a number of cultures around the world. While the work didn’t end up on a Playboy Magazine cover, it is certain that the models, Posar, and the people of Cadaqués were a part of a surreal experience they’ll never forget.