The world’s “Mattest, Flattest Black”, Acrylic Paint is now available to all–except Anish Kapoor. Who is Anish Kapoor, and why is he being excluded from purchasing this awesome new acrylic paint you may ask? Well, let’s catch you up to speed. Anish Kapoor is a British artist who has exclusive rights to being able to paint with Vantablack. As a retort to this, another British artist, Stuart Semple, created what he refers to as “the world’s pinkest pink,” and most “glittery glitter.” Kapoor however, managed to get his hands on Semple’s pinkest pink, posting his opinion of the product on social media.


To spice things up, Kapoor then released “the world’s newest blackest black”, called Vantablack 2.0., and shortly after, Semple released his own, “newest blackest black”, called Black 2.0., Semple calls it “the most pigmented, flattest, matted black acrylic paint in the world.” It’s a real live artist showdown, a battle for the “ world’s blackest black.” In case you weren’t sure how black these blacks can be, here’s an image of a vanta-painted basketball.


On one hand, Kapoor wants his Vantablack 2.0 to be the world’s most unique black and only accessible to a privileged few, and Semple in retort, is sticking his middle finger to Kapoor and making his Black 2.0 accessible for everyone, except Kapoor, as a fuck you very much gesture and to really take the role of the world’s blackest black that can at least be used by the rest of the word and not just a limited few.