Heinz Ketchup has been a staple condiment for people all across the globe seemingly since the beginning of time. The distinctively balanced taste combination of sweetness, tomato, and vinegar has kept people of all ages hooked. Yet, the popular condiment many people know and love is undergoing a little bit of a change.


Heinz Ketchup has released three signature blend flavors into their new Ketchup line: Hot & Spicy, Sriracha, and Jalapeno. Those who love heat and spiciness can rejoice. Each one has a unique taste that comes a little bit unexpectedly, so trying each is definitely a must. Hot & Spicy offers a taste most similar to the original Heinz Ketchup but with a tangy finish. Sriracha gives you a spicy initial taste but finishes with a light burn. Jalapeno (the favorite of many thus far) has definitely provided the most heat out of the trio.


For many, sampling these three will be added to your to-do list, but we suggest you prepare yourself if you’re not the biggest fan of spiciness. Have your water handy. Some of you may need it.