Automotive design for the future is a hot topic. Opinions vary depending on who you ask but the latest project by Joey Ruiter, the designer who’s completed buggy reboot and the floating isosceles triangle, has been turning heads for its sheer simplicity. ‘Consumer’, as Joey calls the project, is actually based on a conventional automobile build, having a standard four-wheel configuration. The design, however, is about as minimal as can be in its form. A trapezoidal form is what you get, with a matte-black finish…not exactly breathtaking.


Getting back to the four wheel configuration, you’ll notice that the wheels aren’t exactly visible either. The vehicle gives the look of a levitating, floating vehicle like in the Jetsons. The vehicle sits extremely low to the point where you can’t really see much of the wheel itself or the underbody of the vehicle.


Sticking with the minimalist theme, Joey has configured the front of the vehicle to be equipped with a two-way mirror that reflects the environment around it masks the three bright LED bands. Since the car shape is that of a trapezoid, the mirror is angled down, which helps keep other drivers from blinding themselves with their own headlights. Not exactly the sexiest car you would consider for yourself but for the “less is more” crowd this could definitely be a winner. Who wouldn’t want to drive around in a car that looks like black trapezoid eraser?