A new product by Japanese company AgIC can literally make electrifying art. The AgIC Circuit Marker is used like a pen, the electric circuits are created with a silver-based conductive ink on AgIC’s special photo paper. By connecting the silver ink to a battery and LEDs lights, you can create glowing works of art.

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Make a mistake? No worries! AgIC has also developed a Circuit Eraser to clean up mistakes. Since the paper is foldable, there are tons of creative possibilities. However, AgIC’s technology also has practical applications, like showing how electric circuits work as well as prototyping circuits.

AGIC Circuit Marker Art

AgIC’s mission is to make electrical circuits more accessible and affordable to everyone. The company’s name is derived from silver’s element symbol (Ag) on the periodic table. IC is an acronym for Ink Circuit. Not only has AgIC created something special they have receive numerous global awards for innovation to prove it.