When going to the mall you expect to find items that will help with your identity and how you want to present yourself to the world. Many people have come to find their own trinkets that they feel make them unique. Some color their hair with wild colors while others modify their bodies. Even so if you want to show off the fun and quirky person you truly are there is a product out there for you that can do just that, it’s a penis lipstick, made by a company called Mushroom.

This product must have been an idea that popped in the minds of a lot of 13 year olds. At the peak of our perverse yet capitalistic mentalities one person carried this idea with them and finally did what many didn’t and created a penis shaped lipstick. What is it about this lipstick that draws attention other than it’s penis shape? Quality. The lipstickactually gives a lovely tint to the lips. It’s bright and variety shades have a shimmer to it. According to various Amazon reviews these penis lipsticks give off a great quality of shades.


If next time you’re in the market to buy a lipstick, think about the penis shaped ones. These conversation starters are sure to give you what you paid for. Besides it’s a penis shaped lipstick. I know it can seem a bit odd, but there is something about oddities that make them unique.