Tokyo has taken a new, funky turn on the nail polish industry. KFC, the world famous “finger licking good” fastfood chain has created a entirely new genre of nail polish. Past trend in the nail polish industry have been opalescents, spray-on’s, real gold, vegan friendly, fishnet design, water color and the newest edible. Only now in 2016 would someone create an edible nail polish.


KFC Tokyo is now taking votes on which flavor people are more willing to lick off their fingers. So far there are only two flavors in the running and as soon as a flavor is chosen the edible nail polish will be tasted and eventually displayed all over the world. You can vote here for Original or Hot & Spicy. Who would have guessed that the 21st century’s next big thing would have been edible nail polish. My vote is going to Hot & spicy because it’s not everyday that you can have your favorite chicken snack on your hands at all times.


The only cons that come to my mind when applying and licking this new nail polish is, how long do I have to wait till I can eat it? Can my dog enjoy their toes being covered in flavored nail polish? Where can I buy more? Don’t forget to check out the finger popping, finger licking and finger clicking video they made for the edible nail polishes. Now that we have bacon toothpaste, pumpkin spice gum, sriracha lip balm and chicken flavored nail polish; what flavor will be next and who will create it?