Los Angeles native, Megan Geckler uses a rather unconventional tool to create art: fluorescent tape. Inside the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Megan built a 10x10x10 aluminum structure that serves as the frame for her intertwining fluorescent tape piece called “Rainbow Cube”.

The wide spectrum of colors of the Rainbow Cube creates an eye meandering, unique piece of art. Point of view is very important in all of Meagan’s work. When you’re up close and you can see the extreme details of the piece and the thousands of strands of florescent tape. When stepping back you’ll see the whole structure as a seemingly free flowing art piece, that creates a unique sense of wonder.


Similar effects are found in Megan’s other works of art. Whether you’re next to the piece or standing across the room, they all draw you in by stimulating the way your eyes interpret the contrasting colors. Megan takes her art beyond the pattens and styles we are used to and takes a leap into a carefree world of art. We can only applaud that!