Living in Los Angeles we know going green is the only path to take. We’ve banned smoking cigarettes indoors, imposed water conservation and most recently we have removed plastic bags from our lives. But it definitely hasn’t stop there. Recognizing the need for ecologically responsible homes, green construction companies are growing everyday. One of the most creative yet incredibly green and sustainable companies is Earthship.


By the look of it you’d expect some weird granola couple wearing hemp clothing to greet you at the door smelling of mildew and patchouli, but maybe I’m judging, a little. The basic shape of these homes does looks like something you’d find on Mars, however it is perfectly designed to adapt to and fit the needs of the environment. Tires, glass bottles, mud and straw are used in building, and everything is recycled, I mean everything from what goes in to what “comes out”, if you know what I mean. The best part is that building one is so simple, you can build one of these trash mansions yourself.


Since the inception of tiny homes, the idea has been in the mix. Even Starbucks has taken part by constructing one of its Washington State locations entirely out of old shipping containers. But this idea goes a couple of steps further with one country proposing a 32 story shipping container skyscraper, this cylindrically shaped jenga style stacked structure could ideally help 5000 residents leave their makeshift homes.