Ok pet owners, lets be real, conversations with your cat are not uncommon. Your cat meows at you, you meow back, this amusing exchange continues until either your boredom is filled or your temporary craziness has passed. Although the sentiment is sweet, there is no way to truly know what your talkative and furry friend is trying to express to you… until now. Well, maybe.


A cat treat company called Temptations has recently released their new invention called the CATTERBOX. The CATTERBOX is quite literally a collar for your cat that translates their meows into the English language. This collar has a sensor in it that uses a special program designed in the Temptations lab to decipher what your cat’s meows mean. Temptations worked alongside of an English ad agency to create this quirky product. And I have to say, regardless of the authenticity of the collar itself; the voices and interpretations of the cat’s meows are nothing short of hilarious.

For one thing, it guarantees to give your cat an interesting and generally entertaining English accent. But it also has many short and funny phrases that are definitely amusing, such as the sassy “No, no, and no”. So next time you want to have a meowing discussion with your cat, consider the CATTERBOX to have what I can only image would be a comical and confusing conversation.