Waking up on the way to work just got a bit easier thanks to the “Mojoe” coffee thermos. Founder Joseph Hyman, CEO of Mojoe Brewing Co. succeeded in creating a device that is ergonomic, portable and safe. As a student studying for finals, Hyman never wanted to vacate his favorite study spot to sojourn for coffee. I’m sure this sounds familiar doesn’t it? The idea was to have his fix of coffee while maintaining motivation and focus. So the dream of a mobile coffee maker was born.

joe joe

Beginning the brewing process is easy. You just push a button on top of the thermos and a tiny LED light lets you know if your coffee is ready. But how does it work? The Mojoe is an engineering marvel as it manages to use water vapor to push heated water through a syphon to the coffee grounds. Equipped with a durable plastic, known as HDPE, there is no need to worry about being scalded during the process. As far as noise levels go the device is rather stealth in that department. A quiet “shhhhhuuurr” sound is heard when the coffee is ready.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 11.01.19 PM

Powering the device presented a challenge as the gadget needed to generate enough heat to power the water to work it’s magic. So the team toiled, wondered and developed a battery pack that takes about 20-30 minutes to charge. Keeping up with the spirit of expediency, the Mojoe thermos also can be powered by an outlet or car charger. The science is rather complicated but the result is quite simple: Enjoy some great joe while giving your wallet a break. While coffee prices and robust lines can weigh you down, the Mojoe coffee thermos is a surefire pick me up.