Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a tattoo that would do more than just look cool? That day has finally come and we can thank Chaotic Moon. The Tech Tattoo measures your vitals, movements and is even equipped to make payments. It is made of electronic paint and sensors that transmit  information by a microcontroller and can be paired to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

starship trooper

The technology behind the Tech Tattoo are a real game changer for how we monitor our health and financial well being. For example, the tattoo strip can keep records of your vitals, which a health care professional would see. So you would no longer have to go see the doctor once a year. If there would be an issue with your health, the strip would notify your healthcare professional and he’ll take it from there. Chaotic Moon has also been adamant that carrying the chip on your skin would eliminate the vulnerability of carrying a wallet. The idea being that the strip can be placed in an area out of sight and will have all the important information needed for a normal day out.


The Tech Tattoo is perfectly safe and easy to “wear”. It comes in a “Band-Aid” style strip that sticks to your skin so there are no worries of object permanence. Chronic Moon’s creation is revolutionary for wearables and will undoubtably create a buzz.