You can have balloon for dessert. When we were kids one of our favorite occasions  was our birthday party. Endless cake, balloons, and candy were ecstasy for our young souls. This was our only chance to over indulge in sweets and weirdly enough sometimes chew the filthy rubber balloon. Of course, we also looked forward to inhaling enough helium to alter our voice, making our childish voice goofier. Unfortunately, according to the rules of society we needed to grow out of this fun but “childish” pleasure. Not anymore.


Welcome to Alinea, a Michelin Three-star restaurant located in Chicago. For just $210 to $265 you can dismiss any dinner etiquette and be that child you were at those weekend birthday parties. Chef Greg Achatz has made balloons eatable. That’s right you can now eat balloons, but without the filthy rubber taste. These edible balloons are made of taffy base and is shaped using a machine that fills it with helium. Its string attached to the edible balloon is dehydrated Granny Smith apple. To finish it off the balloon is sprinkled with a dusting of green sugar.


But wait, you have two options to eat the balloon, poke it or suck it. Of course, we are going to completely indulge and not miss an opportunity at feeling like a kid again. I think most of us will suck it. Leading chef and co-owner of Alinea continues to revolutionize the culinary industry. His modernist approach has pushed the culinary industry to new heights. Thank you Alinea and chef Greg Achatz for allowing us to indulge like kids again.