It’s time to breath easy; your gassy tendencies have just met their match. A company named Shreddies claims it can save marriages with its new odor blocking material.

Their secret weapon for being able to block a flatulent nightmare is a layer of activated carbon that fits between two layers of fabric. According to their studies the activated carbon works because it is highly porous, trapping and neutralizing the odor vapors. It is then reactivated when the garment is washed. This company specializes in underwear; however, they have branched out and now also have pajamas and jeans available. Along with these items is a guide for the best results, which instructs you on how to properly sit and stand while letting one loose.


On a more serious note, this company has a really wonderful goal. Their product is designed to create a sense of security for people that have serious stomach problems such has IBS, Gastritis, and Crohn’s disease. Although underwear wont help with the problem itself, it’s a great way to mask the unfortunate side effects.

If your gas is particularly stinky, maybe its time you looked into these miracle underwear. Though, I think its safe to say everyone could use a little help sometimes. Fart on, my gassy friends!