A cherished childhood toy is in the process of being combined with something you wouldn’t expect. Behold: the squirt gun umbrella. Yes that’s right, instead of singing in the rain, London based designer Alex Woodley is proposing to have rain shootouts. Rather than blocking as much rain as possible, this umbrella embraces and utilizes the rain to its advantage.

The concept is simple. The umbrella has a reservoir on the top that collects water and funnels it down to the squirt gun handle. This means that as long as there’s rain, you’ve got nonstop ammo. So a spray and pray tactic is the right way to go soldier, or your reservoir might overflow and you’ll just end up getting yourself wet. Although, if you are in the rain, shooting your squirt gun, chances are that there will be retaliations and you will get wet anyway. 


The only real downside is that the squirt gun‘s original color was black. Not the best color for something shaped like a gun and you would undoubtably get you stopped by the police. So right now, the designer went back to the drawing board and is adding funky colors to the squirting umbrella. You won’t be surprised to learn that people are already lining up to purchase the squirt gun umbrella and there’s a massive pre-order list. Once they iron out these small kinks and splash on some flashy paint, there will be global squirt gun umbrella shootouts in no time.