You lunge for the closest cup near you and slam it down; you then proceed to grab whatever paper is available to you and slide it under. The next few seconds of your life consist of the most anxious balancing act since the tight rope, until finally you sigh in relieve of the spider being removed from your house.


Has this imagined scenario brought back some traumatizing personal experiences? Well, fear not, our hero has just immerged from the fog with a solution to this age-old problem. The Bug Co Web Ltd has just come out with their new invention, the Spider Catcher. Picture one of those extension grabbers that they advertise for reaching things that are high up or far away from you. This is similar to that product in that it has a clamp at the handle that directly connects to the bottom of the product. Only instead of the bottom being a cool dinosaur mouth it’s a bunch of long white bristles that surround and temporarily trap the spider.

The length of the Spider Catcher is 25.6 inches long so you can stay fairly far away as you grab it and run outside. This product isn’t only advertised for spiders however, it also claims it can catch loose moths, beetles, bees and flies. Being able to reach out and grab a fly that doesn’t seem to understand the window is only two inches to its left is bound to save you some valuable time and frustration. Unless you have horrible hand eye coordination, in which case this product creates a whole new set of problems.