If you’re looking to hit the beach and at the same time make some extra coin for tacos, look no further. Hammacher Schlemmer has developed metal detecting sandals. These footwear essentials for treasure hunters can detect metal, helping you find buried artifacts while casually strolling on the beach.


A copper coil is built into the right sandal and it’s powered by a 9 volt battery that straps to your calf. The sandals create a magnetic field that picks up objects 2 feet deep. It will emit a buzz or a give gentle vibration when there is something beneath your feet, worth investigating. Because they are made with non-skid soles and have polyurethane footbeds, the sandals aren’t only cool but also very comfortable. So now you can ergonomically start plundering on the beach. The battery on your ankle does make it kinda look like you are out on parole, but that just ads character to your new treasure hunter persona.


The metal detecting sandals can be purchased online and cost about $60 dollars. And ladies, you are welcome to join the club, because they are available in men and women sizes.