Getting out of bed can be hard. That warm blanket, those soft pillows, and the realization that you are but a spec of dust flying through the universe at 1,000 miles per hour make you want to snooze all day long. People all over the world suffer from this, which is why dozens of new and innovative alarm clocks have popped up claiming to be the final solution to your snooze addiction. But video blogger and programmer, Simone Giertz, may have created the most effective solution yet: the alarm clock that slaps you awake. Seriously, here’s a video of the product in use


Simone combined some smart engineering with an old Halloween costume to create this one-of-a-kind invention. She can surely attest that nothing will wake you up like a robotic hand slapping you in the face. It’s not the most stable or elegant design, but it gets the job done.


So, if you’re ever looking for a way to spice up your morning routine, look no further. Invest in a rubber hand and a book about motors, and you’ll be on your way to hating your alarm clock even more than you do now. Don’t want the hassle? Politely ask your partner to slap you in the face every morning. Don’t have a partner? Get a cat. Cats love invading your personal space.