Five young French engineers share two passions: woodworking and outdoor sports. You thought it was wine and cheese, right? No, these guys are all about skiing, skating, cycling, surfing and making stuff out of wood. After a few successful school projects, one of them wondered why they wouldn’t do all those things for a living and so In’Bô was born. o-FRENCH-STEREOTYPE-facebook

The In’Bô workshop is located in the Vosges in France. The region is known for its dense forests and fantastic mountain ranges.  The company name, In’Bô, is inspired by these very vast forests. It doesn’t only look cool on their product, but it means “forrest” in their local dialect. 

The guys from In’Bô currently manufacture bike frames, sunglasses and skateboards, made out of bamboo, which is grown locally. The flax fiber, used to reinforce the bamboo, comes from Normandy. It’s In’Bô‘s mission to show the world what is possible when you use ingenuity, local, natural resources and create elegant, light, sustainable, high performance and high quality products.

They haven’t been in business long but already have an impressive track record. Thibaud Lhenry, a French professional cyclist, tested the durability of the bike and got 4th place at the 2013 Red Hook Criterium in Barcelona, while racing on one of the bamboo bikes.


Believing in themselves and their product, In’Bô took to the Ulule crowdfunding platform, in hopes to get the financial backing they needed to take their business to the next level. And yes, the internet stepped up definitely had their back. The initial goal of $10.000 was shattered and the boys from the Vosges now have over $65.000 in their pocket. The additional budget will be used to develop the current products even more, get better tools and create even more exciting new things.