Have you ever woken up on your couch with a dry mouth, throbbing headache, and wondered, “What happened last night?” Sure. We’ve all been there. But this time it’s different because you didn’t even go out. All you did was watch a movie and—Then it dawns on you. You did it again. You ate an entire box of Oreos.

becoming a monster

Don’t worry. You are not alone. According to a study from Connecticut College, those delicious black and white cookies may be as addictive as cocaine (For lab rats, at least).

Researchers fed rats Oreos and measured neuron activity in their brains’ “pleasure center”. They took the results and compared them to a similar study in which rats were given cocaine and morphine. They discovered that Oreos actually activated more neurons than cocaine or morphine. Which makes you wonder, are Oreos more dangerous to our health than cocaine? They are certainly more accessible and affordable, which explains why obesity and heart disease are constantly on the rise. It’s an eye opening study that will make you think twice about the foods you eat.the coke cookies
So next time you pick up a box of Oreos from the store, share some with your friends. After all, sharing is caring, right?