“I’ve been waiting for this day since I was 18”. This is a quote that brings to mind aspirations of career success, financial stability or the birth of one’s child. But in Mohammed Abad’s case its something much more personal – he’s talking about his virginity.

No wonder he’s so excited, at the age of 44 Abad has been waiting for a pretty long time to swipe the v-card.


This was not a gargantuan test of patience or a period of secular abstinence but rather the unfortunate outcome of a horrific accident: when Abad was 6 he was struck and dragged by a car, the result being a severed penis (among other far less news worthy injuries).

He underwent several years of procedures to have a new penis molded from skin taken from his arm. The penis itself is actually made from the skin and fat from Abad’s forearm and is rolled up into a roll with a tube in the middle like a sausage roll.  The robo penis contains tubes that inflate to give him an erection. As one can imagine being surgically outfitted with a so-called “bionic penis” got a lot of media attention, as it should.


Charlotte Rose, an award winning (yes, this is a thing) escort and sex activist heard about Abad’s plight through media reports and reached out to him to be his first.   


Abad and Rose got to know each other for a few days in London before the big moment. Unfortunately his penis malfunctioned at first but a day later he experienced conjugal bliss for the first time. Rose proudly told media outlets “Your first time is a memory in your life you never forget,”  after the big event. Abad however, seemed far more nonchalant about the whole experience as he was quoted saying: “now a big burden is off my back”.