The beach is such a beautiful place to visit. White sand, volleyball, laying out in the sun and enjoying the view of the ocean. Have you ever walked along the shoreline, noticed trash washed up and thought to yourself, how could someone litter in the big blue sea and not have an ounce of care? The Seabin Project thought exactly that and have come up with a simple, yet genius way to help rid the seven seas of plastics and pollution.


Andrew Turton & Pete Ceglinski, the founders of The Seabin Project, have made a small, lightweight device that collects all floating debris and liquids in the Seabin’s “catch bag”. The water flows out the bottom and up into a pump dock, where an oil and water separator is waiting to flush fresh water back into the sea. This process consistently runs day and night, with only small amounts of maintenance needed.


The Seabin Project hopes to have production in place by mid to end of 2016. Right now, they are asking for anyone to contribute on Indiegogo to bring their prototype into production and for everyone to get involved in solving a worldwide problem. Currently they have raised over $260,000. Next time you’re at the beach, think about all that trash you see and how much cleaner our oceans could be with the help of this amazing idea!